YouTube as a New, News Entity

New players have entered the field when it comes to online news media. YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing networks on the internet today, and they acquire millions and millions of views every day. The best part of YouTube is that it cost nothing to create a channel and get content out for others to see.

Hank and John Green are two brothers who have used YouTube to reach viewers who may not otherwise have been reached.  They have been successful on YouTube, having nearly 3 million subscribers and each and every one of their videos  has several hundred thousand views. Their content is current news items that are important, as well as broken down segments of current news.

One of their most popular recent uploads has over 500,000 views and the premise of the view is regarding what both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump planned on doing with healthcare if they were elected. What is fascinating and revolutionizing about their channel is how they present the news. They don’t really present new breaking news, however they break it down so that people who are not familiar with the subject can understand.

The business aspect of YouTube is also very interesting, as it works similar to mainstream broadcasting and with advertisements. The most views you receive, the more ads will be on your channel, which will give the creator of the content more income, and in theory they will then continue to attract eye balls and generate more views on the ads.

YouTube as a news business really keeps the idea of the American Dream in mind, as anyone can start a channel and make money, and in some cases lots of money. You just have to be good at creating content that attracts many eye balls.

If more news organizations can start at no cost , I think that the number of news organizations will continue to grow, which will help the news business as a whole.


Jeffrey Maloney, Senior Criminology Major at the University of New Mexicoyoutube-logo-full_color


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