Crowdfunded Journalism


Crowdfunded journalism is very often seen as most things as having it benefits and weaknesses.

Where crowdfunded journalism thrives in that it can and is individually maintained and operated by an individual journalist.

Additionally there is large public interest in this new form of media and reporting which leads into the next point.

Crowdfunded journalism is considered to have a larger variety of articles to pick from since any individual can write about what he or she wants to.

This provides the public with a larger variety of articles which can gage more specific interests.

The true beauty behind crowdfunded journalism is not how much revenue it can potentially generate or not generate, but rather that it is a new segment of nontraditional journalism.

Crowdfunded journalism presents a new style of journalism that is by in large about public interest driven and motivated.

It provides the public with an additional option that can be utilized in order to ingest news that may otherwise go unreported or neglected by other mainstream media outlets.

There is however potential weaknesses and threats seen for this type of media are few but very significant.

One major issue and or flaw pointed out by most is that we don’t necessarily know if the writer is a trustworthy source of news.

The potential for fake news and source less reporting is apparent and must be addressed in order for crowdfunded journalism to really thrive.

The spot in which these website based projects truly find their niche is in their share of revenue.

Website based journalism projects exceed the next closest project type (Magazines) by around 13 percent which is good for about 29 percent of the total share of revenue for journalism dollars according to the PEW Research Center.

Overall however, these projects’ production and revenue gained is still a drop in comparison to the original reporting output which occurs on a daily basis.

This also does not include the revenue that is received for advertisements within other media outlets.

Where crowdfunded journalism loses a lot of its potential viewership is that the intake and audience can’t quite keep pace with the larger circulating numbers of other media companies.

Crowdfunded journalism has the makings to be able to sustain relevancy for quite awhile.

This is because they have been trending upward in popularity and continue to receive more and more interest from prospective journalists looking to spread their wings and venture out into this new concept.

Writers and people of the public alike now have limitless writing/reporting potential now with the new platforms presented before us. Now it is up to the individual to seize the opportunity and run with it.


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