Thema Fenderson

Thema Fenderson graduated from Howard University in Broadcast Journalism. She works as a Communications Associate in New Mexico for Media Desk, a nonprofit communications service.

Thema Fenderson expresses that the First Amendment is vital because it “guarantees freedom of press”. She believes “that essentially journalists have a constitutional right to act as a watchdog for the government without government interference or punishment”. This constitutional right is vital when considering how our country values “checks and balances”. Without the ability to criticize and share important information the public the power of the people would be diminished.

Thema Fenderson went on to share how “Another thing that I’ve always found interesting is the fact that freedom of press is mentioned in the same amendment as freedom of religion – something that is so native and significant to the founding of America as a nation. That freedom of press would be considered equal to freedom of religion shows how important it is to the makeup of our government”.

Nicholas Nunez is a junior in communications and journalism at the University of New Mexico.


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