Digital First Media


Digital First Media is a company that is based in Denver Colorado. Digital First Media focus’ its work in newspapers and the management of newspapers. As we have learned in class, newspapers are on the decline and Digital First Media is making it possible for struggling print newspapers to stay afloat in these hard times. They are able to do this by taking over the newspaper, and introducing new online ways in which they can reach more readers, increase revenue, and save companies from completely folding and going under.

Digital First Media currently owns and manages MediaNews Group, Southern California News Group, Digital First Ventures, and 21st Century Media. Digital First Media has been a successful investor, who has been known to buy newspapers when they are struggling drastically. In 212 they purchased 2 California news groups for  nearly 16 million dollars. They specialize in revamping newspapers and making them very modernized and they are gaining readers, then turning and looking to sell the “rebuilt” newspapers.

The newspapers that Digital First Media purchased for 16 million dollars each, are currently expected to sell for 10 to 15 million dollars each. This because they have gained readers and made the newspapers advertising friendly. Digital First Media has an estimated 70 million readers between all of their entities, and this is really a number that is helping them sell their newspapers for more and more. Majority of their readers are found through California, as they own several newspapers there, and they have lots of potential eye balls.

In the past several years Digital First Media has not made very many moves. They are currently looking to sell some of the revamped newspapers, but to date, nothing has been sold.

This is a company that I do not know if I would want to work for. I would be very worried that the company that I am working for would be looking to sell my place of employment, and that I may lose my job. I would love to be business partners with Digital first Media.

Digital First Media buys folding newspapers and saves them from going under. They have proven in several instances that they can revamp and save the newspaper before it completely fails. I think that they would be able to make me money, which is why I would be willing to be partners with them. I think that this company will be around for a long time to come. They have proven that they are able to stay current with their technology and business styles. I think that they appear very willing to adapt and adjust and makes necessary moves. 


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