Calkins Media New Creation


According to, Calkins Media is newspapers, television stations and digital sites that channel high-quality news, resourceful products and services in the market of Eastern and Southern United States.  The company prides itself on reimagining local media through innovation, creating the ability to successfully produce regional news.  

Calkins Media has a mission to be ethical, defend the First Amendment, create and deliver trusted and relevant content to the communities they serve at all times, enable communities and their businesses to prosper, maximize their local share of revenue and audience profitably, train, develop and motivate an inspired and curious workforce and finally achieve debt freedom. This mission has lead the company to many accolades such as United Way of Bucks County Founders Award, 2015 Innovator of the Year, and Regional Murrow Award of Overall Excellence.    

In the beginning stages of Calkins Media it was known as The Evening Standard founded by Stanley W. Calkins in 1937. In 1941, there was a merge of The Evening Standard and the Morning Herald; however Calkins decided to keep the name of The Evening Standard. Calkin slowly purchased newspapers in other countys to spread the company to eight different regions.  

In 1961, after purchasing the weekly newspapers in Florida Mr. Calkin became the Homestead News-Leader.  

His death came at age 75 in 1973 and the company was passed down to his children; Shirley, Carolyn, Sandra and Stanley Jr. The sisters then bought out their brother in 1984. The ownership structure of profit and private has continued with passing down of the business, as well as the focus of creating a family oriented and welcoming environment for all.

In the staff of Calkins Media there is four generations with various positions in the company completing the staff. There are 40 team members with multiple jobs, 7 Corporate Managers, 3 members on the Boards of Directors and 1 CEO.  All workers are focusing on their audience of the eight regions they represent. This allows Calkins Media to focus on local news and have a very specific target market.    

Calkins Media has taken a big step in the right direction with their innovation strategy and mastered over-the-top space (OTT).  The company has also created an app that provides TV Everywhere. They released these apps for all their newspapers and tv stations, giving their customers access to their favorite stations at their fingertips.  The application is called Fire TV and it has had the fastest growth of all dedicated OTT platforms.  

Guy Tasaka, Chief Digital Officer of Calkins Media, is quoted with some amazing answers in the article “Five Answers With Guy Tasaka, Calkins Media by Newspaper Association of America. “At Calkins, we are transitioning from a newspaper subscription-based company to a digital subscription company that also has newspapers.”   

Calkins Media has blown the innovation charts of 2016 and it has been the best choice they have focused on.  Tasaka compares their secret to an interesting analogy of a burrito. “People in the industry have heard me describe the goal of selling the “digital burrito.” The more you put in the burrito, the greater the value to the end user. The more diverse the ingredients, the broader its appeal.”  The reason why this has worked so well for Calkins Media is because of the audience they chose to focus on, the people on the fringes of the market.  

OTT provides newspapers the ability to focus on hyperlocal news and information, as well as locally relevant advertising.  This has created a brilliant and positive future for Calkins Media, making Stanley W. Calkins very proud.

Erin Kirk is a senior at the University of New Mexico, majoring in communication and minoring in management.

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