Vox: A Core and Proper Startup


Vox has worked itself into becoming, what is primarily labeled as, a startup unicorn. That puts the media website being valued over 1 billion USD. With such a brief amount of time since its inception back in 2014 and launch within the within the first half of that same year, Vox has been a qualified contender in the competitive industry of news. Considering the sites analytics from 2015, the site reached 54.1 million unique visitors. With a portioned age demographic (41%) of 18 and 34.

Vox sits in the liberal and progressive camp from its publishing in news media. While also contending to being a reliable outlet, Vox’s site has also been technology friendly with its publishing. This mostly contends with the sites use of “cards” that provide needed context and terms, in the same vein of a Wikipedia page being contextualized with related web links. Which only adds to helping the reader become more fluent in understanding the content behind the published news story. I would also say this applies to their online videos as well; reporting specific issues and stories. Creating a dynamic that makes the content Vox posts on their site to be rather informal and understandable in any sense.

A startup usually has a tricky field to cross before it can assess itself to being profitable. While Vox has reached that scope of being profitable, its reception by other news outlets and personalities has been one of praise and criticism. As can be expected of a site that generates and publishes specific sided news content, its liberal position has been of debate. Mostly the heavier the criticism of Vox has come from conservative positions; again, one’s minded stance should account based on their opinions of Vox. However, criticism only goes so far. There have been noted instances of Vox’s reporting mistakes and error checks. Though not enough to generate the site to being labeled wholly “unreliable” or “misinformed”, but enough to produce awareness of.

Within the two years of Vox’s launch, the site has been of the primary examples of a proper startup. The one’s behind Vox’s development have been members experienced enough in the field of reporting and news media. Allowing Vox to place a foothold with a qualified startup team. Though Vox is still early into its stage, the site has a way to go before gaining a core foothold in the news media industry. Yet as it currently stands, Vox has been recognized as a legitimate news source with development into a promising future.




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