Content is King

content-is-kingContent production for blogs, social media or websites can be a challenge because media companies are often hiring contributors or freelancers to create their content. Once a consistent process has been established, it is easier to plan and focus on creating content that people will want to know more about. Sharable content allows you to analyze what your audience likes, and it is important to learn the science of what makes people share it. The better understanding the media company has about the audience’s interests, the more effective the produced content will be.

When creating content, it is important to keep the target audiences in mind and consider what they would find appealing. Content that is effective should fulfill a promise of answers to consumer questions. Education is crucial when producing content because no one knows your product or services like you do. Relevant content will get the audience’s attention, encouraging interaction, and engagement with readers while also building trust. An audience will be less likely to respond if the content is irrelevant.

Many media companies are making the transition to the digital platform because the internet and social media are so present in everyday life.  The digital world has democratized the media, allowing small business to reach mass media audiences like never before.

“Content analysis has been used to study news reporting and social media,” the Pew Research Center said. “But the methodology can be applied to many different forms of communication.”

Content analysis is a tool to critique pieces of media allowing us to look at the way messages change over time and whether or not they are effective. Converting social media content into information and concepts is crucial for generating knowledge and formulating strategies that will accomplish a goal.

By Katrina Archuleta, strategic communications, UNM


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